DEVELOPMENT (F & E Department) – Get your products ready for production to put them on the market in a precise and fast way.

We will accompany you in every step, starting with the initial idea into serial production. Together with our experienced team of engineers and technicians we will accompany you in each step with an ideally coordinated product development.

We work for different technical sectors with always varying key aspects. We’re implementing complex structural components made of plastics in the automotive interior equipment sector including kinematic elements, decorative surfaces and light analyses.

In the sector of technical analysis and medical industry we’re specialized on the development of integral frames and housings. Furthermore we are realizing complete product developments for various other industrial sectors.

We’re your perfect partner because we are offering a flexible, innovative way and quick reactions combined with modern technologies and methods. We have all our working units and specialized staff in-house which guarantees a close networking interconnectedness and an easy crosslinking way to accomplish all tasks.

CAD Systems:
• Catia V5
• Siemens NX
• Creo Elements / Direct Modeling
• Pro Engineer

• ESI (Early Supplier Involvement)
• SE (Simultaneous Engineering)

DESIGN / MODEL MAKING – We’re starting with a prototype model and are completing the process with the product launch series

In starting with the prototype model and completing the process with the product launch series, the model making unit by FUNK DREIDIMENSIONAL is offering you a complete range of services with 30 years of experience and a continuously growing machine outfit.

In this vast range of modelling possibilities going from additive production in plastics and metal to the traditional model making, we’re in prototype construction, (vacuum and NE metal founding), jigmaking including SOP, as well as we are offering mechanical machining cutting works, rotating and milling of small batches.

In imaging product engineering with a suitable performance, combined with the highest precision work and ‘close to reality’ in a (prototype) model in a very early stage of the process, our model making work is highly appreciated by international product designers since many years now.

Our model making range

  • Models on design / Mockup
  • Prototypes and models on function
  • Prototypes and models for trade shows
  • Assembly mounting unit
  • Assembly jigs and fitting devices
  • Prototype construction
  • Mechanical manufacturing

The processing

  • 3d printing
  • Stereolithography
  • Laser sintering
  • Vacuum casting
  • Rapid NE metal casting (speedform)
  • Mechanical machining cutting works, rotating / milling (1-1000 pieces)
  • Surface finishing

TOOL MAKING – starting with your prototype to the final tool.

Our in-house manufacturing and tool making department is highly specialized on constructing and producing tools for plastic coating of small batches as well as large-scale production.
The main processes are involving CNC programming, high-speed milling, eroding, wire cutting, fast hole drilling, grinding and assembling – all out of one hand.

Our tool making range

  • High precision molding tools
  • 3D tool construction
  • High end machinery
  • Electrode production by automated HSC milling unit
  • Automated eroding machines
  • Palletized 5-axial milling
  • Tool equipment maintenance
  • Production of prototype tools

MANUFACTURING SERIAL PRODUCTION – Innovation, precision, competence – we are ready for your challenges.

Our plastic manufacturing unit is certificated ISO/TS16949. In this unit we are producing high-precision thermoplastics on high-end injection molding machines with all types of technically available plastics.

It’s a perfect choice working with us also in the range of 2K and high-performance-plastics.

Our assembly group – also certified ISO/TS16949 – is producing complex components and constructions, ranging from small batches to single components. We are offering solutions ready for serial productions to meet your highest standards.

We are continuously controlling our production and construction processes using modern management tools. Our staff is in regular training, too, to always meet your highest requirements. This is the reason we are constantly improving our performances.

We’re also facing the challenges of surface treatments like varnishing and imprinting or the individual design of wrappings or smart adorning packaging which we are mastering together with reliable partners and with always impressing high quality standards.

Our facility setting

  • 16 molding machines (1K and 2K)
  • 30-420 t locking pressure (closing force)
  • Shot weight of 1-1200 g
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Assembly mounting
  • Laser marking
  • D measuring device (optical and tactile)